The Dreadful Truth Behind the Veneer of High Society


Maltings Arts Theatre’s resident company, OVO, are to perform August Strindberg’s The Ghost Sonata, a play of truly macabre and chilling proportions, on 24th, 25th and 26th November at 8pm.


Directed by David Bevan and featuring senior members of Best Theatre Arts, who performed at The National Theatre last summer, the play tells the story of a poor student who chances on a rich old invalid and is invited to a ghost supper where adultery, murder and betrayal are stripped bare in the house of the living dead. Vampires, evil spirits and a talking mummy expose the stench and decay that lies just beneath the surface of genteel society. Strindberg’s ghoulish masterpiece steers us through a strange maze of desire and disillusionment, drawing us inexorably deeper into a world of bright shadows and dark truths. There are things in life much more frightening than death…

Written in 1907 during a very dark period of Strindberg’s life, the piece, which has been directed by esteemed director Ingmar Bergman four times, is full of anger at the hypocrisy and equality in society. Presented by OVO in a series of character ciphers and set in a German Expressionist style, it features a specially written soundscape and touches on surrealism throughout. Director David Bevan said: “The play is weird and wonderful and is unlikely to be anything anyone has ever seen before. It will certainly leave a lasting impression!”