Out with the old, in with the new


Spring time; a time of new beginnings. And so it is with us!

We are delighted to reveal not only a brand new website but a brand new auditorium too. Our new set up gives both performers and theatre-goers a more flexible, intimate and immersive experience and will enable us to bring an even more varied range of theatre and music events to St Albans, as well as making the space much more adaptable for private hire events.

Winning the coveted Minack Trophy last summer, and having been granted a new 4-year licence for the theatre, OVO found themselves in the much longed for position of having the resources to bring about change in the auditorium. Our set designer, Simon Nicholas, our technical manager, Darren Hughes, and a whole host of volunteers, set about taking up the fixed seating arrangement that had been in place since the space opened to the public in 1988.


Maltings Arts Theatre - Before         Maltings Arts Theatre - Before

A new floor was fitted and new seating was moved in; seating that can now be taken away completely or moved into a number of different stage configurations, including end-on, traverse and in-the-round. The new layout can accommodate cabaret style concerts and standing music gigs and there is now much greater technical flexibility for both sound and lighting, too.



The future of Maltings Arts Theatre looks bright indeed!