Volunteer your time

The Maltings Arts Theatre relies on a friendly and enthusiastic group of volunteers to keep the venue running smoothly and efficiently.

Volunteers staff our bar and front of house functions during public performances and events.  Duties include selling drinks and snacks, selling and collecting tickets and generally managing the movement and safety of people throughout the theatre.

We welcome volunteers of all ages, although bar volunteers must be aged over 18.  Benefits include regular free tickets to watch performances at the theatre.

We are always looking to expand our team, so if you would like to get involved, please contact Liz, our Venue Manager – info@ovotheatre.org.uk / 07807 521436 – or come along to a performance and ask!

Perform and create

If you are interested in getting involved on stage, or contributing to the technical and creative areas of theatre production, why not get in touch with OVO, our resident theatre company, at www.ovo.org.uk.

Paid positions

If you have experience in lighting or sound and would like to join our team of paid independent technical operators please contact Michael, our Technical Manager – technical@ovotheatre.org.uk / 07952 340421.