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Three Sharpe Shorts

10th & 11th October - 20.00 Book

Last Walk of Shame

The morning after the night before everyman Simon wakes up in a strange bed with a raging hangover and a feeling that something is missing. He seeks reassurance from Tia, but none is forthcoming, and he is drawn into a deadly cat and mouse game. An absurdist and dark tragicomedy.

The Uninvited Ghost

Oldridge and Rea try and rekindle their romance, but the bistro where they fell in love has been replaced by a franchise, with muzak, mediocre Merlot and no proper plates. And why is everyone suddenly so young?

Meet Me at the Nightingale

Following a near miss with a construction truck, cyclist Kirsty is distraught. She takes refuge in the legendary ‘Nightingale Café’, where she meets and is befriended by the charming but befuddled Harry, waiting, seemingly for ever, for his wife to return from a shopping trip. Together, these two unlikely friends uncover a mystery stretching back over eighty years.


All written by Andrew Sharpe

Formerly a lawyer, Andrew Sharpe has been a playwright for over five years with work including Songs from a Ledge (Warwick Arts Centre, Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham), Goodnight Polly Jones (Theatre N16) and My Name is Cathy (Chapel Playhouse).

Contains strong language, adult themes and descriptions of sexual acts.

A co-production with Katalyst Productions.

Tickets: £13.50/£11/£7.50

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